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Hi! Alex and Haley Slaughter here!  Soooo we are honored Stephanie and Jeff have asked us to be part of their launch here and are thrilled to get to speak about our passion for all things cocktail!

Haley and I Have been part of the Denton restaurant and bar community for over 10 years here in our fair burg of Denton, Tx.  Haley currently shakes up some amazing concoctions in the bar lounge at Hannah’s Off the Square.  When she’s not behind the stick haley does design work with emphasis on calligraphy.  I am a General Manager for the Radical Hospitality group with a proud background in bar culture and experience in competitive bartending.

When tasked with creating the first ever cocktail for this site, the first thing that came to both of our minds was the fact that we are in the awkward time of year here in Texas where it really ain’t summer and it really ain’t winter.  In other states they call it Fall but with Texas weather the way it is we think it should be called something else!  We decided to make a Tiki drink that had some elements of summer and winter that could be enjoyed on sunny 90 degree days and windy wet 40 degree days, both of which make up Texas “fall”.

Tiki drinks are a favorite of both of ours because there are no hard rules!  Though tiki drinks generally have rum and tropical elements with an emphasis on wacky garnish, it’s really Anything goes!  We decided to do a Tiki Punch here utilizing some lesser known ingredients that pack tons of flavor and can add levels of complexity to your cocktail.  These ingredients are available for purchase at your local liquor store and can take the place of the syrups, infusions, tinctures, shrubs, and other secret mixers available to your favorite bartender.  They are a great way to bring the magic of a great bar experience home.

First we start with an aged rum and for this cocktail we have chosen Stolen Smoked image2Rum.  Stolen Smoked rum is a 2 year aged rum that is then smoked with hardwood for additional favor.  The smokiness adds another dimension that’s appealing to whiskey fans and also has strong notes of vanilla and coffee.  2 oz of Stolen Smoked Rum lead us off and can be added to your shaker.

Next is St. Elizabeth’s Allspice Dram, an allspice flavored liqueur originally made in Jamaica.  The flavors of Allspice and Brown sugar are intense in this liquor and the tiniest amount brings a world of winter flavors.  This liqueur brings the flavors of summer and winter together.  Add half an ounce to your shaker.

Now for the orgeat!  Orgeat is a traditionally almond based syrup that adds a layer of flavor as well as a creamy texture to cocktails.  Orgeat has been a cornerstone syrup of tiki cocktails as well.  Giffard Orgeat is top of the line for a pre-made orgeat and I highly recommend all of their products.  Add half an ounce of orgeat to the mix.

With the addition of pineapple juice, apple cider, and fresh lime juice you are seconds away from a great summer-fall-winter whenever tiki cocktail!  Full instructions are below!

In-Cider Tradingimage1

2.0 oz Stolen Smoked Rum

0.5 oz Giffard Almond Orgeat

0.5 oz St Elizabeth Allspice Dram

1.0 oz Pineapple Juice

1.0 oz Apple Juice

0.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice




To Make this delicious Tiki Treat start by adding all ingredients to a shaker tin.  Be sure to measure ingredients as a great cocktail is more of an exact science than you would think!  After ingredients are all present add ice and shake!  When you shake a cocktail a good way to think about it is you are trying to shake the ingredients awake, not rock them to sleep, so shake it with energy!  Strain beverage into glass of your choice over rocks and garnish as you see fit.  Remember what makes a great tiki cocktail is having fun with it!  We put our cocktail into a glass skull and garnished with a goofy island made out of an apple and cinnamon sticks.  Have fun, no rules to great garnish and it can really take a drink over the top!  That’s it now all there is left to do is enjoy and brace for winter!

*All ingredients to make this cocktail are available for purchase at applejack’s liquors, located just off the denton square.

Feel Free to reach out to Haley or I with any of your cocktail questions or insights on great cocktail locales around denton at olderfashioned@gmail.com or find us on Instagram! @older_fashioned for Alex and @holykoonce or @church.of.signtology for Haley!  That’s it Y’all, thanks for having us!