There’s Nothing Better Than Getting Together!

Friends, neighbors, lovers, family! The concept of every gathering is love, or rather a celebration of the love we have for one another. Though the occasion is important the truth is that the heart of every gathering is the example of taking the time and putting in the resources and preparation to tell every person there, that you love them.  That you honor them and that this time in your life is better shared with those you love. You want to share your birthdays and anniversaries, your weddings and graduations, your promotions your blessings and wins and life changes or even just simple dinner parties, with your people. Denton has the best people, and that alone is cause for so much celebration!


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Denton has amongst it’s finest a woman who understands this concept and has offered us a way to make these moments of expression easier and more available to us. Venetta Petties, owner of Pink Glitter Events, lives and breathes the concept of servitude by generously giving to our community. She has also made a successful career of giving people their own special days, special times, and making dreams come true! Venetta has cultivated the art of event planning and knows the ins and outs of how to develop the exact vision of her clients. I have attended a party created by Venetta and was delighted at just the overall blast that was had, and after meeting her and getting to know her through Facebook and a ladies night out, I had asked her to join us at How Do You Denton to share some party advice with us. Jeff and I love a good time and getting together with lots of people. Thank you Venetta for being our party advisor and encouraging love and celebration in our community and wherever you go!

Get in touch with Venetta and Pink Glitter events, and plan your celebration, you party animals!

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