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Katie Mont

I was recently blessed to touch base with Denton Artist and recipiant of the Best Graphic Artist 2018 -Denton Art and Music Awards, Katie Mont, to gather her thoughts on the art scene in Denton and share her work with us. I’m totally stoked about her making her art wearable, and really enjoy her ideas to help further growth in the art community here in Denton. Katie has also felt the encouragement of authenticity in Denton that we at How Do You Denton feel, as this town has a certain “be yourself” allowance. There is something so validating and comforting about sharing the same positive vibes and feelings about your “place” with someone you haven’t met before. Here is what Katie had to say, and how we can view  and buy her work. Support your local artist!                             -Stephanie


HDYD: Tell us about who you are, and what kind work you do

My name is Katie Montgomery, but I go by Katie Mont – that’s the brand I’ve built for myself. My main squeeze is web design and illustration. I’m a painter and VR artist as well; there aren’t too many art mediums I haven’t got my hands on.

I recently released my new online shop! I’ve started selling my designs on these super sick yoga leggings. Their bold and colorful and really nice fabric – they pop, that’s for sure. The next step is releasing twelve backpack designs – heck, they might even be up by the time this is posted – If not, they will be soon!

You can find all of that jazz at!

HDYD: What do you love about living in Denton?

Katie Mont: I’ve been in Denton for about seven years now. It’s the first place that ever felt like a real home to me. I remember the first party I ever went to in 2011; I was dumbfounded by the amount of intellectual conversations that were being had. Denton is full of hard workers and I love that. Everyone has a goal they’re actively working unnamedtowards, the support local vibe is real and this community can really lift a person up and inspire them to be their true, weird self. Denton is fun and full of opportunities – the best people I’ve met in my entire life live here.

HDYD: What do you love about the Denton art scene?

Katie Mont: The Denton art scene is HUGE. There’s always an event going on, a collaboration to be had, a collective to check out. All of the artists here support each other and you can really feel and feed off the creative energy here. I can take a fluttering thought, for an event to plan or a piece to make, and I’ll find a group of people in this town to help me carry it out. We’re go-getters.

I’ve been planning and hosting a lot of community events, etc. lately – I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish half of the things I have without the support I’ve received from this community.

HDYD: What changes would you like to see our art comunity?

Katie Mont: We need more classes that teach the value of art. I’ve seen hundreds of artists in this town devalue themselves and their art because most of us are coming from the colleges here and college doesn’t teach you how to make money off of art – It just doesn’t. I had to learn everything about pricing, freelancing, valuing myself, the value of my art, etc. – on my own. If you don’t seek financial education after college, you won’t be unnamed (7)able to make it as a full time artist. & when artists don’t value themselves properly, it hurts them because they are overworked and underpaid, and it hurts everyone else because the people who know their value can’t land a decent paying job.


HDYD: What do you want people to take away from your work?

Katie Mont: Everyone is going to interpret my work through their own personal lens on life. I love that about art.

If someone were to realllyyy take something away from my art, I’d want them to leave inspired to create something for them. I come up with ideas all the time and almost everyone I run into has a few different ideas up their sleeves too. There are people who talk about ideas and there are people who follow through with the ideas they’ve talked about. I hope to inspire more people to be the latter.


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