The BoomBachs

There is a certain uniqueness about Denton, TX that can be attributed to its duel cultures though opposite in spectrum thriving alongside each other beautifully. This could be true of many college towns, although I’ve lived in a few, and I’ve found Denton to be more ubiquitous in this concept than other places. I mention this here because our day to day lives in this city is so enjoyable. The neighborhoods here are tree lined and well thought out, the schools here are high in excellence the parks and rec department is genuinely catering to the needs of the community there seems to be an abundance of local businesses… and this lovely suburban aspect of Denton is just so enchanting it could stand alone.

Ours is a family of creatives, and Jeff himself has been a musician for 26 years, but when we moved to Texas from Colorado we were really after the wholesome apple pie of it all, in chase of Americana and that impervious dream. Our move happened fast, we only had two days to choose a place to live in a state we’d never been to, and when we picked Denton we picked it for being a place we thought would be good to raise a family. So when we began to hear that Denton is a town full of art music and culture I was thrilled and when we actually experienced the music scene for the first time here in Denton, I think the best way I can describe it is to say I suddenly had the feeling that I’d come home after years adrift. The band literally inspired in me the feeling of belonging and awakened in me a dormant desire to connect with the energy around me, this vibrant creative energy that is, in fact, the Ying to the suburban Yang of this strangely utopian place.

The music and creative aspect of Denton is not just a cool addition to the town, it is, in fact, 3rdStoutAndShout_116a living, breathing life source to our town and it is as epic and standalone worthy as its counterpart. The Band that welcomed me home to Texas and put to bed any fear that we’d not made the right move was the Boombachs. A hip hop jazz sextet that plays every bit as hard and rivals anything out of Los Angeles or NYC. The collective talent in this group is evident and its energy is very, very contagious. The BoomBachs have a certain je ne sais quoi about them that from an outsiders perspective seems to stem from each sound complimenting the other sounds so that everything gels together perfectly. An accomplishment that can only be made by true talent and knowledge of the craft, especially when combining multiple genres. Their ability to alternate between smooth and hard, and then introduce perfect syncopation is so spot on that you’re not blindsided by the changes in the songs you travel through the song with the changing elements. The Trumpet playing of Marcus Wheat is truly incredible and Adonias Wondwessen who serves as the vocalist of the aptly name BoomBachs is unprecedented, and possibly a little transcendent.

It’s so easy to love a place that you live in so much that sometimes you forget to really take a deep breath and a good look around you and really take stock in your surroundings, but when you are in the presence of the BoomBachs it’s hard not to sort of realize that you are in the presence of something great, and our town is known for offering this type of greatness, because of passionate talented musicians such as these men.


We are so honored that The BoomBachs agreed to be featured in our very first How Do You Denton issue. I connected with Matt Westmoreland for a little Q&A and this is what he had to say. Tell us how much you love the BoomBachs in our comments, and get out and see them as soon as you can.  Also buy their albums, all of them.

Members: Adonias Wondwessen – vocals Marcus Wheat – keys/trumpet Connor Veteto – guitar Matt Westmoreland – keys Dave Farrell – bass Ray Rose – drums

HDYD: What do you love about Denton?

Matt: Denton is our home. We love the culture, the people, and the scene.

HDYD: What are your favorite venues?

Matt: Harvest House and Bearded Monk. We have our monthly residency (4th Thursdays) at Harvest House and love the stage and staff. Bearded Monk is our home away from home. They’ve always been extremely supportive of our band. Ben Esely is like our drunk uncle that everyone loves. How do you feel about the music scene? It’s always been a great scene! There are so many bands that have started in this town and have gone on to do great things.

HDYD: When and how did you fall in love with music? Every band member has their own story.

Matt: We all grew up with different musical backgrounds and influences. I think that’s what gives us such a unique sound as a band.

HDYD: What is next for the band?

Matt: We’re currently working on our 5th album and plan to tour once it’s all done.

HDYD: What are your favorite songs to play live?

Matt: That’s a tough one. We love to play “AlienNation” because it grooves so hard but “In the Morning” is always fun since it’s a fan favorite.

HDYD: How would you describe your sound?

Matt: Our sound is a melting pot of Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, & Rock.

44944714_1604905372988152_6832381429846900736_nHDYD: If you had to create a genre to put yourself in, what would you call it?

Matt: Space Gospel! That’s been our genre since we started & even named a song after it.

HDYD:What changes if any would you like to see from the Denton music scene?

Matt: More venues and festivals. When Oaktopia was still in Denton, it was such an amazing festival that showcased dozens of local talent.

HDYD: How did you get started?

Matt: It started with Marcus. He had a project at UNT in 2011 where he was able to create the business model of what the band would become.

HDYD: What does community mean to you?

Matt: Community is a big reason why we continue to do what we do. We’ve had so much support over the years from this city and wouldn’t be where we’re at now without Denton.

HDYD What is a positive experience or a kindness you’ve experienced in Denton?

Matt: Our local merch printer, Print Services, printed & donated a bunch of our t-shirts to us to help us spread the Space Gospel for our tour this past April.

HDYD: What kind of words of wisdom can you share or in what way can you encourage us in the area of how we live and interact with each other?

Matt: Live every day fully no matter what is going on in your life. Indulge in every sound, sight, smell, etc.

HDYD: What kind of message are you hoping people can receive through your music?

Matt: We are hoping that by putting out music that is individualistic to us, we inspire people to be themselves.

HDYD: What drives you?

Matt: Getting our music and message to as many people as possible.

HDYD: Which of yours is your favorite song and why

Matt: I think everyone has their own favorite but if I had to choose one I’d say Solar Wins. It has extremely high energy and is a great song to close a set with.


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