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Let me just lay all the cards on the table here I have no style, or weird style, no probably no style is right. I grew up in the nineties and was kind of a tomboy. I loved giant JNCO’s and carried a purse I made out of their pockets. As I grew up my style developed into a sort of style Hybrid I like to call my best friend’s hand me downs… In fact, the only time I loved my personal sense of style is when I was in my mid-twenties living in Seattle. I was in beauty school at the time and our dress code was black. All black everything and it was awesome.unnamed


From there I moved back to Colorado my home state. Colorado style was best described to me once by my good friend Uriel who claimed, “Everyone in Colorado dresses as if a hike is about to break out”. This is true, and this has been my comfort zone for the past six years. Yoga pants and Obey shirts, that’s my personal style, that’s what I love to wear, and since we did wake and hike like five times a week back home, that was the most versatile outfit to wear.IMG-0546

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Not in Texas though! I look like I’m wearing pajamas compared to the incredibly beautiful women here. Even Texas casual is still very intentional and well put together. So for the longest time, I had a hard time pulling the plug on a website project like this. I wanted a style page, but an eye for style is not my gift. Then it clicked, I don’t have to have style! I just need to meet people who do and keep an open mind! This “Look” page is not so much going to be us telling you “what’s in” It’s more going to be us discovering the different styles in Denton trying it all on and seeing what fits. This is going to be so fun!

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The first Stop on our style adventures is Crush On This, an online boutique owned by Dentonite Darlene Turner. Darlene gets her clothes from Los Angeles Fashion district, and I have to say everything she has is adorable! While visiting with her and trying on clothes I noticed great quality, comfortable fabrics, beautiful patterns and colors, and her prices are fantastic! Side note, Darlene is very nice, very professional, honest about what didn’t look great on me, and was so fun to work with. I wanted to sort of explain the concept behind Why Darlene does what she does, But the truth is she explains better herself, on her “What We’re About” Page from the Crush on This website,

“I started this shop with the dream of building an affordable selection of exclusive designs that will give you that boutique look without the boutique price. I love styles that are easy and fit into a wardrobe effortlessly.  I also believe that our selections should be modeled by real women and real body types.  Besides me modeling the clothes, you will occasionally see other people modeling items as well.  It is important to me to show how great the selections work for all ages and bodies”.

-Darlene Turner

I’ll be back to see her again and again and again!

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